About us.

We can do better!

That’s what we said after one of the worst first responder deaths in history – the Yarnell Hill Fire where 19 brave Granite Mountain hotshots died due to lack of situational awareness and poor communication.

Imagine a world where wildland firefighting deployments have a communications system so advanced that everyone has the information they need to make it safer and more efficient to fight wildland fires. Imagine a system where deployed wildland firefighting crews have access to the situational awareness information in remote areas where cellular service is unreliable or not available.

Our mission is to deliver a communication system that will reduce line of duty deaths, firefighting expense and property damage, as well as improve firefighter situational awareness by ensuring a productive deployment of emergency responders and a more effective hazard response execution utilizing state of the art communications technology.

We were told: “It’s impossible. It will never work. It’s too hard.” But, that didn’t stop us! We have always been – and always will be, driven by the vision to do the impossible.

That’s why our products are at the forefront of technology, a flagship of innovation, specifically designed to meet and exceed your expectations. We are revolutionizing the remote satellite communications industry.

Don’t tell us we can’t do it, because we’ll prove you wrong.